Tips For Using Computers


There are some quick ways to save you time when using computers

Everyone probably knows how to use the hot keys to do copy(Ctrl+C) and paste(Ctrl+V), these two hot keys combined must be the most popular superstars in the world of computers.

There are some more very useful quick keys that you can use, not only online but also on most software you generally use, like Microsoft Office(word, Excel, PowerPoint…etc).


1) Ctrl+F

You can use the hot keys to search the content you are looking for. Once you press these two keys together, you should see a new window showing up and you can type words you want to search for.


When you are visiting a website about creatures in the world, and you just want to find the information about a Koala. Of course you can keep scrolling down one by one until you find the information you want or you can just press “Ctrl+F” and type in “Koala”, then you should get the data you want straight away. 

You can try to use “Ctrl+F” to search “keyboard” on this page. 


2) Ctrl+Mouse middle rolling wheel

This function will be very useful for people who need words in a larger font. The middle rolling wheel on the mouse can be used to scroll up or down on a page. When you press Ctrl on the keyboard and use the mouse rolling wheel, you can see the size of the words are getting bigger(rolling the wheel up) or smaller(rolling the wheel down), and you can read anything much easier.

Let’s try it on this page.


We were glad that we helped lots of our customers to save their time by teaching them how to use these hot keys. There are more you can find online or you can ask us on Xotons . If you find this is useful, please let us know. 

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